Rails as SOAP client with .NET web service


For an application we need to obtain data from a .NET
based web service. I’ve been “playing” with some
sample code to invoke web services as a soap client.
They work ok with services that offer a .wsdl link.
However, .NET based services are called with

The wsdlDriver (I guess SOAP4R) barfs on this.

Anybody have practical experience and willing/able to
help me out?


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It is bizarre that SOAP4R ‘barfs’ on .asmx?WSDL since the common .WSDL
simply a convention of some toolkits. In fact, there is nothing to say
a URL to a WSDL has the letters WSDL in it anywhere!? Perhaps the URL
handling in SOAP4R simply doesn’t like parameterized URLS (anything
a ‘?’).