Rails apps packaging

Dear all,

How do I package a rails apps and distribute it? As I can see that
rails library is installed inside the Ruby gem folder and not inside
the apps. Now if I want to distribute this with my client, how can I
include those gems inside the application lib/ ? Or in other case lets
say I want to put the code inside git, how do I put those gems inside
the distribution? I’m a bit new with rails especially in distribution
of rails apps.

Thanks in advance

There are a few rake tasks for this

rake rails:freeze:edge
rake rails:freeze:gems



You can freeze the gems to the vendor directory and they become part
of your application…

Cheers, Sazima

Well it moved the rails gems into the vendor/ directory in my apps,
but it doesn’t move other gems that I use in my application.

Have you configured you application.rb so that the gems are included

Okay I’ve got it now. Thanks heaps.


Bobnation means config/environment.rb, not application.rb

Ryan B.