Rails apps and TextDrive

Hi, I was wondering, does anyone have experience with deploying rails
application(s) on TextDrive. At this time, I’m only seeing an index
remotely but on my system, I would type the following and obtain the
expected result:


However, when I perform the same operation on textdrive, I’m getting the
following message on the screen:

Application error (Rails)
At this time, I have gone through the ~8 pages configuring this rails
application to receive an error message. Thus, if anyone can assist, it
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


For starters what do you see in development.log?


On 4/27/06, Dave B. [email protected] wrote:

For starters what do you see in development.log?

Actually, TextDrive requires you run in production mode only, so check
the production log.


Hi, I checked this file and it is empty.


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