hey all,
I managed to configure a mongrel+apache2 but now I would like to do a
mongrel_cluster. For now I have a sites-available/myapp but when it
comes to mongrel_cluster I need to set up myapp.common,
myapp.proxy_cluster.conf and
myapp.proxy_frontend.conf and I couldn’t find a tutorial that explain
where should those file go. is it in conf.d or sites-available/ or

thanx in advance.


Patrick, have you seen:


if you put in your apache2 conf somewhere to load a .conf file, and
inside that file, if it says to include myapp.common, then it will
load up all your directives.

I always drop a line in my httpd.conf that looks like this:

Include /etc/*.conf

That way, any file that ends in .conf inside the /etc/ directory gets
loaded by apache.

A capistrano script like this one:


will help you setup all those files. Simply run cap setup and point
it at a box and it will do all the work for you.


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