Rails and user authentification


I am a the point now where I have to add user authentification to my

Anyone can point me toward an easy to use / secure library? I know about
ActiveRBAC and was wondering if there is anything else that I should



What are you requirements?


I like to keep it simple, so check out the rails recipe book for really
simple, or
acts_as_authenticated for the next step up in complexity, but less
complex than most of
the others.



I am doing a ASP kind of application. I havent figured out the hosting
server, but it will probably be a Linux box.

I need to be able to manage roles/permission/groups. People are going to
pay for the service, so it has to be very secure. Its my first time
developping a “seriously” secure application. Hence the reason I want to
use a popular framework.

Any other things I need to consider?



I tend to agree with Jim. I usually roll my own (authentication that
is) and I’ve also used acts_as_authenticated, which “just works” and
is straightforward.

There’s a ton of options out there, you’ll just have to evaluate them
and see if they match up to your requirements.



I found that this one was pretty easy/straightforward to implement.


The rails recipe book also has an RBAC that is very simple to implement,
I slipped that
into my app on top of acts_as_authenticated in a few hours.

I also like Bill K.'s approach, although I have not implemented it

I have posted a recipe for an admin page for managing Rights and Roles
on my blog,


I prefer to write it for each application. I just did a writeup on basic
user authentication. It covers some of the patterns that I’ve been using





Sorry my blog link was not working (I changed the date which changed the
link!) It now
works and is