Rails and Ruby behind proxy

Hi there,

I’ve a little problem.

On my code, I use the flickraw gem. On the application.rb there is a
require ‘flickraw’ who create a new instance, and for that need to
pass the net.

It works at home, but in my office we have a proxy, and when I launch
webrick I have an error saying that I’m behind a proxy :(.

Does anyone have an idea on how to correct this issue ? Is there a
config.http_proxy in environement.rb or something like that ?

Thank you very much


Reply to myself,

I’ve temporary corrected this by adding Net::HTTP::Proxy
(“xxxx”,“8080”) in the code of the gem.

I’ll try to submit a patch with an ENV.



On Dec 9, 9:29 am, Nicolas Alpi aka Spyou [email protected]

Try setting an environment variable like so:


With the appropriate URI to your proxy server of course.