Rails and Qooxdoo

Has anyone used Ruby on Rails with Qooxdoo?
How is it?

Hi Best,

I successfully managed to make qooxdoo work with rails.
There were quite a few tricky parts (like authenticity_token, and
making the debug mode/inspector work), but now it’s perfect.
The mailing list is amazingly helpful!


Hi Glex,

I personally don’t have used qooxdoo with RoR but the qooxdoo mailing
list would be a good place to ask such a question <http://qooxdoo.org/
community/mailing_lists>. Usually qooxdoo applications plain
XMLHTTPRequest or JSON-RPC to communicate with the server. Both
solutions should work fine with RoR. However I don’t know about JSON-
RPC implementations for RoR and whether they are interoperable with
the qooxdoo client.

Best Fabian
qooxdoo developer

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