Rails and Offline processing


How are you guys handling threads or server processes that have to,
for example, process the data in your application on a periodic basis?

Cron jobs can do it and then run on the database. But, are there ways
to launch threads within the rails application itself.

I have heard of WebBrick ways, but I am working with lighttpd,
fastcgi? (textdrive if you are really interested).


Look for rails_cron or script/runner.

– Tom M.


On 3/20/06, Tom M. removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

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cron with script/runner. Or in my case (windows), ScheduledTasks.

Works absolutely perfect!

Don’t forget to apply “-e production” to your cron step.


Those all look interesting. I wish rails_cron was a little bit more
mature. But then again it may work perfectly out of the box.


No, it says it on the wiki page.


Why do you consider it immature?

Because of the revision number?

– Tom M.


Good answer! :slight_smile:

– Tom M.