Rails and Merb: It’s All at Acts As Conference 200 9

Hi everyone,

Acts as Conference 2009 (http://www.actsasconference.com) is just
around the corner, and things are heating up. I am sure that everyone
has heard that Rails and Merb are coming together for Rails 3. We’re
lucky to have the two guys as speakers who can tell you all about it -
David Heinemeier H., and Yehuda K. (who I am sure you all know
and love). David will be answering your questions live via video for
an entire hour on day one, and Yehuda will be speaking about Merb, and
hanging out after that. This is your chance to ask these guys your
questions. You won’t want to miss it.

If you’ve already registered, help us promote AAC 2009 with a badge on
your site. If you haven’t registered, register today. With all the
buzz around Rails 3, and the chance to ask David and Yehuda questions
in person, we are sure to sell out again.

See you in February.