Rails + Amazon


how to integrate Amazon product search into rails? I want to put some
books on my site wih the amazon API.

I found this:


but unfortunately the example code is 404ed and I am not quite sure if
I understood everything.

So I f there is some more rails + amazon info out there I would be
happy if someone could point me there!



I used http://www.caliban.org/ruby/ruby-amazon.shtml for

Looking at that blog, looks like he used the same thing - If you jump
into the ruby/amazon docs you’ll probably get your head wrapped around
it pretty quickly, there are examples there.

go to http://www.caliban.org/ruby/ruby-amazon/ , click “Amazon” At the
very top of the “classes” frame… scroll down, there are code examples

Play with it in irb a bit. I’d give some examples, but I’m at work - and
with the docs there, should be easy enough to figure out ;]

I second that, Jerrett. I use the ruby-amazon library and it is pretty
to get your head around it. It doesn’t support the AWS 4.0 (I think
is what Amazon is calling their latest), but if it is just doing an
search, you should be fine.

Steve O.