Rails AJAX scaffold generator question: organization


Rails noobie here.

I’ve gem’ed Richard W.'s AJAX scaffold generator, and hooked it up to
one of my tables, did some tweaking, and am very pleased with the ease
of this first test. But my question is how I should incorporate this
into my actual app. In my app, the table I want to use this AJAX on
belongs_to another table. I have one main controller in the app,
Project. In the test app I built for the ajax test, i have
“ProjectNote” as the controller I generated.

In my app, I don’t ever want to edit notes in general, I only want to
edit/create them in the context of the project they belong to. So do I
move the CODE from the ProjectNote controller, and put it in my Project
controller? And move/rename the view files from the projectnote
directory, to the project directory?

Or do I somehow access the ProjectNote controller through the project
controller when I want to show notes? Cornfused…

Any advice or pointers to documentation would be really appreciated.