Rails/Ajax question from a newbie (to both)

I’m trying to get a Rico LiveGrid working, and I am a bit stuck on how
accomplish this.

I have a page that successfully queries a controller and updates a

containing a table. I have two
versions of the action; one uses the render_partial to return a rendered
version of that table, and the
other returns an XML-RPC document, and this is where I hit a snag.

The Rico LiveGrid tutorial describes the XML schema it’s looking for,
it’s clearly not what I’m getting
from the XML-RPC partial.

What I have looks like this:

field1 . . .

It does have the tag at the top, btw.

It works fine with the code I have in the partial:
<% @results.each do |item| %>

<%= item.field1 %>

<%= item.field2 %>

<%= item.field3 %>

<% end %>

And the LiveGrid tutorial describes this:

<rows update_us='true>

The rest is the table and closing tags. Of course, if you’re experienced
with this stuff, you’ve probably
already seen that. :slight_smile:

What’s the best way to handle this issue? Should I modify the xml_rpc



(The book recommened on the Rico site is on order and hasn’t shipped

Ok, replying to myself… but I think that the process of writing this
question helped, so I guess
it succeeded, but I was just missing the obvious approach of coding the
tags into the
partial. (Duh.)