RAILS 7 Coming and What Your Impression?

Anyone try Rails7? share what you feel and something upgrade?

I’m excited!

I’m ready to ditch Webpacker (although I’m not doing so quite yet) and am glad that Turbo became standard. I’ve been playing with Turbo and other Hotwire technologies for about a year now.

The downside is that the one project that I can kind of play around with relies on some gems that seemed to have “gone dark.” I had to fork a few gems and import from GitHub to get around that.

Great! Do you upgrade or build new app with rails 7?
Im just lil need to fix from old to latest, not smooth, but all is well.

What os you use it?

Im using windows

I’m using macOS (development) and Linux (production).

If you go by the official upgrade guide it should go pretty smoothly.