Rails 3 working with webrick and SSL

I have a Rails 3 app using Ruby 1.9.2 configured to work on the Linux
server. The uses SSL to access all there resources. Now, I am dealing
with the SSL so that I can display the application on the client side.
The user LDAP credentials are being passed to the Linux server through
instructions in the httpd.conf file. I can see the
handshake in the SSL_error logs. I also know the cert information is
passed because I can see the information in the SSL_client logs and also
in the Rails WEBrick server console as my application boots
(Near Infinity).
when I go to the Https port on my desktop I get the browser error “503
Service Temporarily Unavailable”. I know the cert was passed to the
browser because I get the “lock” icon.

Can someone help me understand the 503 error?

If I recall correctly, webrick doesn’t support SSL. Mongrel neither.

You’ll have to use Apache or Nginx for that.

Yes, SSL dev for Rails is a bit painful.