Rails 3 testing help with TinyMCE gem and plugin


I’ve taken over maintenance of the tiny_mce gem
(GitHub - kete/tiny_mce: A Ruby on Rails plugin (pre-Rails 3.1) that allows easy implementation of the TinyMCE editor into your applications.) and am preparing a release that
will have the latest TinyMCE and take advantage of some TinyMCE jQuery
integration. I’m in the process of getting things working again with
Rails 2.3.x (jQuery integration stuff broke things) and I could use
hand with testing with Rails 3.x.

I don’t have Rails 3 set up yet. Could any one give me a quick hand?

Contact me if you are willing to help out.



I have tried your gem for rails 3. have installed it but when i loads
the page it doesn’t work for me? Can you please help me out.
I have completed installation successfully. should i go for
configuration? or there is any default configuration.