Rails 3 safe strings

I am trying to convert my Rails 2.3.5 app to 2.3.8 and then to Rails 3.0
Currently, I am upgrading to Rails 2.3.8. The default escaping behavior
is causing all kinds of problems.

I have installed the rails_xss plugin from the following url:

And am trying to follow the directions in readme.

I have a form builder which has the following method:

def field_label(field_name, *args)
options = args.extract_options!
options.reverse_merge!(:required => field_required?(field_name))
options[:label_class] = “required” if options[:required]
t_label = options.delete(:label)
t_label = (t_label.nil? ? field_name.to_s.humanize.titleize :
if object.errors.invalid? field_name
temp_label = t_label + ": " +
([object.errors.on(field_name)].flatten.first.sub(/^^/, ‘’)), :class =>
temp_label = t_label
label(field_name, temp_label.html_safe, :class =>

I cannot seem to get the method above not escape the error text when I
intentionally try to submit a required field with an empty value. I get
an output as shown below:

Client Name: can’t be blank

See if the string in the element is not being interpreted? How
can this be done? Is there a method to this madness?

Thanks for your time.


Please disregard. This was my error. I had a field_error method in one
of my initializer classes as shown below:

ActionView::Base.field_error_proc = Proc.new do |html_tag, instance_tag|
if html_tag =~ /type=“hidden”/ || html_tag =~ /<label/

I had simply forgotten to mark the return string as html_safe.

I am going to sleep before I ask too many “dumb” questions.



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