Rails 3 routes

It’s been a while since I’ve used rails (used 2.* a fair bit) and I’m
getting back into it again.
I’ve noticed something strange with the routes file - when I generate a
controller with the usual 7 actions, routes.rb is flooded with get

Is this normal?

For crud controllers that hava a model behind them, I’ve been removing
them and adding “resource :controller-name” instead - is this
usual(best) practice? What’s the the current recommended approach?

many thanks for reading.

It depends how you generate the controller. If you use a command like

rails g controller posts index show edit new update create destroy

It will indeed create a GET route for each action. Kind of annoying.

You can generate the restful controller and route declaration by using

rails g resource post

But of course this will also attempt to create the migration and model
files, which may not be desired. You can add the -s option to skip files
that already exist.