Rails 3 remote server startup problem with mongrel_rails


I have a weird problem when trying to run my rails 3 app on the remote
Everything seems to be setup fine and an older app with rails version
2.3.5 is running with no errors.

The problem seems to be that the mongrel_rails command with rails 3
cannot locate other gems (activesupport 3) and so on.

But when running script/rails s command the application is running
fine. The server admins are stuck right now and I need to boot this in
a couple of days so my client wont be aggravated.

any help is appreciated


What exactly does the log say?

The log says that activesupport cannot be found.
after lookin a little more i found that ist a problem with the
mongrel_rails command and rails 3

I have the exact same problem been working all day on this and pulling
my hair.

Again: what does your log say?