Rails 3 Problem: no such file to load -- rails (LoadError)

I just ran the gem bundle on the third_rails demo app, but for some
reason rails can’t be loaded!?

kristian-mandrups-macbook-pro:third_rails kristianconsult$ rails -v
Rails 3.0.pre

kristian-mandrups-macbook-pro:third_rails kristianconsult$ script/
generate model Post name:string
71:in require': no such file to load -- rails (LoadError) from /Users/kristianconsult/my_rails/rails3_apps/third_rails/config/ boot.rb:71:inload_initializer’
from /Users/kristianconsult/my_rails/rails3_apps/third_rails/config/
boot.rb:44:in run' from /Users/kristianconsult/my_rails/rails3_apps/third_rails/config/ boot.rb:16:inboot!’
from /Users/kristianconsult/my_rails/rails3_apps/third_rails/config/
from script/generate:2:in require' from script/generate:2 kristian-mandrups-macbook-pro:third_rails kristianconsult$ script/ console /Users/kristianconsult/my_rails/rails3_apps/third_rails/config/boot.rb: 71:inrequire’: no such file to load – rails (LoadError)


You need to bundle your rails into the Rails 3 app. Did you do that?

Also make sure that if you use multiple versions of Ruby, you will
need either to re-bundle your gems under the one you decided to use
after switching, or to add a symlink in vendor/gems/ruby.

Hope it solves the problem.


On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 3:06 AM, Kristian [email protected] wrote:

   from /Users/kristianconsult/my_rails/rails3_apps/third_rails/config/

71:in `require’: no such file to load – rails (LoadError)


If you’ew using Rails 3.0.pre, then I would recommend doing the

  1. follow the instructions here first


a) see if similar ticket exists here


b) if (a) exists, then add your comments to that ticket. Otherwise,
file another ticket providing the following:

 -  ruby version (i.e. ruby -v)
 -  OS  version
 -  the exact steps to recreate the issue in a understandable 


Lastly, I would recommend the above steps for all people interested
Rails 3.0.pre because these types of issues
need to be made aware to the Rails core team.

Good luck,