Rails 3, PaperClip, S3 - MultiFile Upload Approach - HTML5 perhaps?

Hello. I’m looking for a way to allow users to upload multiple photo
files to the server, have those files resized, and then posted to S3.

After a few hours of google searching, it seems like the options are
Uploadify, SWF Upload, or some type of jQuery HTML5 hack.

Any suggestions. What’s the cleanest, safest, securest way to support
multifile photo uploads?

Also, if you know of a working HTML5 multifile upload gem/plugin
please let me know. I realize it own’t support IE-9 but that’s file
for now.

Thank you!

On Oct 22, 2010, at 4:06 PM, nobosh wrote:

please let me know. I realize it own’t support IE-9 but that’s file
for now.

I don’t know if it’s the cleanest, safest, securest, but awhile back
(May 18, 2010) I put together a Rails (2.3.5) app together with
swfupload and a lot of debugging output to show what JS handlers get
tripped when. It’s configured to only allow JPG uploads and resizes
them prior to uploading. I just put it up on github if you want to
download it and play.


It will spit out a bunch of debug messages as you interact with it. See
here: http://pastefree.pjkh.com/pastes/128

My memory is that the progress meter doesn’t work if you resize the
files on the client side. So if you want to see something other than 0%
and 100% turn that off. SWF Upload may well have fixed that by now, I
haven’t been following it.


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