Rails 3 Migration

Hi All,

I am migrating from rails 2.3.5 to rails 3 ( ruby mode is 1.8.7) and
Jruby 1.6.4

In my project ( 2.3.5 version) i have heavily used loaded , loading
update callbacks of ajax and have never used jquery. Also i have used
link_to_remote , submit_to_remote calls etc.

I would like to know whats the best way to go about upgrading . Do i
have to use jquery and ujs?

One useful url i went through was :

I do not want to use prototype_legacy_helpers as the more i prolong the
upgradation tougher it is going to get.

Please suggest the best way to go about it.


Hi Prachi,

Jquery is the way to go. That article will get you most of the way and
you get stuck anywhere, you can always post the specific problem on this

You can do the same stuff in prototype as well, but it would be much
and fun to do with jQuery. http://visualjquery.com/ is a very good
for jquery functions.