Rails 3 + fb_graph how to get access token to post to my own Facebook page

I am using Rails 3 + fb_graph to post to my own Facebook page. I have
code that works, but it uses an access token that only works for a
couple of hours. And it is very annoying to refresh this access token a
couple of times a day. So I registrated for a FB app. I now have:

my_app = FbGraph::Application.new(“App ID”);
acc_tok = my_app.get_access_token(“App Secret”);
me = FbGraph::User.me(acc_tok)
account = me.accounts.select {|account| account if account.name ==

page = FbGraph::Page.new(account.identifier)

note = page.note!(:access_token => account.access_token, :subject =>
@title, :message => @message, :link => @url)

But I am getting an error on the me.fetch line:

OAuthException :: An active access token must be used to query
information about the current user.

Can somebody post some code that helps me solve this problem. Thank you
very much in advance.

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