Rails 3 and mysql problems

I trying to ride rails 3. I’ve installed ruby 1.9.2 and rails 3.0.0
without any problems
I create empty project with -d mysql, configured DB and ‘bundle
install’ without any problems, but when i try to rake ‘db:create’, i
get this error
What should i do to make it work good?

Hi Oleg,

The command is:
rake db:create, without any ’ "
(i think try "rake db:create RAILS_ENV=‘development’ " )
than “rake db:migrate”

  1. Have you checked the .yaml file?
  2. Have you cheched “rails --version” , “ruby --version” , “gem
    list” , “mysql --version” everything works fine?
  3. Have you installed the mysql connection libraries? (What os do you
  4. Can you manipulate mysql from hand? Without migration, from mysql

If you are beginner, than first try out the default settings! If
everything works fine, then you have problem with mysql or its
connection, not with Rails, so you will know where to find the

good luck,

Oh, yeah, I just checked your error msg, it is a mysql:error, not
Rails problem. You must check mysql itself first, than the
connection, .yaml.
good luck,

set the password

Thanks for the answer.
Ive already dealt with this problem. in my Gemfile db engine wasn’t


2010/10/11 Krishh [email protected]


Im also getting troubles with rake db:create
Ive set up a rails 3 environment with rvm.
ruby 1.9.2
rails 3.0.0
ruby-mysql 2.9.3 (gem)

Im working on Ubuntu 10.04, the mysql server is up and running.


adapter: mysql2
encoding: utf8
database: rpress_dev
pool: 5
username: root
password: [password]
adapter: mysql2
encoding: utf8
database: rpress_test
pool: 5
username: root
password: [password]
adapter: mysql2
encoding: utf8
database: rpress_prod
pool: 5
username: root
password: [password]

When im trying to create db (rake db:creat), im getting a sqlite3 gem
error, which is strange for me since my config is for mysql.

[email protected]:~/dev/rpress$ rake db:create
(in /home/szymon/dev/rpress)
Could not find gem ‘sqlite3-ruby (>= 0, runtime)’ in any of the gem
Try running bundle install.


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