Rails 3.2 with Ruby 2.0?

Can anyone recommend one way or the other this particular combination?

I’m not ready to jump on the Rails 4 bandwagon, I have a lot of sites to
get up to 3.2 first, just as a jumping-off point for their eventual
migration to 4. I just read that 1.9.3 is only going to be maintained
until 2014, which in the time-scale of some of my projects is just
moments away.

Trying to plan, any thoughts?


I’m running 2.0 on my laptop along with rails 3.2 apps without any
Is there something specific you’re concerned with? This should be
particularly easy if you’re running rvm or rbenv. you can install ruby
then when you go to install the rails gem you can just set the version
rails you want to install.

gem install rails -v=3.2

I just don’t want to go through the same thing I did with all my Rails
2.3 apps on 1.8.7. It was a real pain to bring them up to Rails 3 and
1.9.x since I wasn’t using Bundler on 2.3.