Rails 3.2.15.rc2 has been released!

Hi everybody!

I’ve released another release candidate of Rails. This time it is
3.2.15.rc2. I like to call this release the “Happy Friday!” release.

If you find any regressions between this release and 3.2.14, please file
a ticket here:

Issues · rails/rails · GitHub

Or send an email to the Ruby on Rails core mailing list. We will fix it
and postpone the final release!

You can find a list of changes between 3.2.14 and 3.2.15.rc2 here:

Comparing v3.2.14...v3.2.15.rc2 · rails/rails · GitHub

You can find a list of changes between 3.2.15.rc1 and 3.2.15.rc2 here:

Comparing v3.2.15.rc1...v3.2.15.rc2 · rails/rails · GitHub

If there aren’t any regressions reported, I will release the final
version on October 9th around 10AM PDT.

Thanks everyone, and have a good weekend!!!