Rails 3.2.0rc2 Ruby 1.9.3 critical development enviroment performance

Hi there,
I wonder if anybody else is experiencing this kind of issues, I’m
running failry small application in development environment and I’m
experiencing REALLY unacceptable performance issues. Below is summary
line from development log for my slowest edit action, which is just a
nested form:
“Completed 200 OK in 1801005ms (Views: 368.2ms | ActiveRecord:

Ruby process is using more than 3,5GB of RAM during this action. I’m
using formtastic and nested_for within this action. Any hints where to
look for issues? I’m running it on Macbook Pro 2.4GHz, 8GB of RAM.


Uff, I’ve found a problem. I was using rails-footnotes gem which seems
to not work correctly with rails 3.2. After disabling this gem
resources usage dropped and app is running blazing fast! :slight_smile:


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