Rails 3.1rc6 assets / precompile change

I’m currently using Rails 3.1rc5, and deploy with capistrano. During
deploy, I precompile the assets on the server using assets:precompile
after deploy:symlink.

I noticed that “group :assets” gems in my gemfile were being included
in my production application processes (and adding a lot of memory
usage), even though they are only used during the deploy.

It looks like this change to rails 3.1rc6 -

  • mean that assets will now not be included in production by default.

Does this mean though that I need to precompile on my development PC
first before deploying with capistrano, or will it also work as I
currently have it - precompiling on the server ? I.e. will the asset
gems still be available on the server, but just used for the
precompile ?

Correct url above should be