[Rails 3.1rc4] Default date format

I am trying to setup an application so that the dates when displayed
default to english format ie “dd/mm/yyyy”

In rails 2 you used to do it via an initializer:

Date::DATE_FORMATS.merge!(:default => “%d/%m/%Y”)
Time::DATE_FORMATS.merge!(:default => “%d/%m/%Y”)

In rails 3 I believe you do it via the en.yml file and set something
like :

default: “%d/%m/%Y”

I have tried both methods with rails 3.1 and although the console
seems to work
Date.today.to_s => “27/06/2011”
and the locale is showing correctly
I18n.t “date.formats.default” => “%d/%m/%Y”

the form continues to display the date fields as “YYYY-MM-DD”.

I could translate each field in turn but this makes a mockery of the
default formats.

Any ideas?