[Rails 3.1] Naming and generation of dynamic routes (route globbing)


I have such a route:

get 'projects/:project_id/files/list*path' => "files#list",

format: false, as: :files_list

I want to generate it using files_list_path(@project), but when I use
it I get:

No route matches

{:controller=>“files”, :action=>“list”, :project_id=>#<Project _id:

The solution I found is to create another normal route:

get 'projects/:project_id/files/list*path' => "files#list",

format: false
get ‘projects/:project_id/files/list’ => “files#list”,
as: :files_list

This way files_list_path(@project) generates ‘/projects/some_id/files/
list’ and ‘/projects/some_id/files/list/something’ is also matched by
the first route. But honestly it doesn’t seem right to me. Is this
necessary? Am I missing something?

Juliusz Gonera