Rails 3.1 modules

I think in earlier versions, I put modules into RAILS_ROOT/lib

I have a module that I extracted from activesambaldap to create a
Windows Hash Password that I will need to use on occasion that looks
something like this…

require ‘openssl’

module Samba
module Encrypt
def lm_hash(password, encoding=nil)
dos_password = Private.convert_encoding(“ISO-8859-1”,
encoding || “UTF-8”,
if dos_password.size > 14
warn(“password is truncated to 14 characters”)
dos_password = dos_password[0, 14]
Private.encrypt_14characters(dos_password).unpack(“C*”).collect do
“%02X” % char

Can I just drop it in ‘RAILS_ROOT’ lib and require it when I need it?

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