Rails 3.1 assets pipeline issue in production

I am running a jwplayer with an open ads server plugin … it’s running
fine in development, ads are served , but not in production on the
remote server… I guess it’s related to the plugin file access …

in development , I wrote in the script :
‘plugins’: {
“/assets/jwplayer/ova-jw.swf”: {
“overlays”: {“regions”: [{ “id”: …

but in production as it’s compiled , I got

‘plugins’: {
“/assets/jwplayer/ova-jw-cd5839fa631138fe59903b79af552531.swf”: {
“overlays”: {“regions”: [{ “id”: …

I put it in assets/javascripts/jwplayer/ova-jw.swf
I did it because the player.swf is also in the same folder , and
running fine , the clip is playing…

the urls are generated , in partial _fw_player.js.erb , using
‘flashplayer’: “<%= escape_javascript( asset_path(‘jwplayer/
player.swf’)) -%>”,
‘plugins’: {
“<%= escape_javascript( asset_path(‘jwplayer/ova-jw.swf’)) -%>”:

is it wrong ? how and where should I store these 2 files to avoid
being compiled in Production ?

thanks for your feedback

If you don’t want them to be compiled, you can just put them directly in
the public/assets folder instead of in app/assets