Rails 3.1 and oracle

problem: anytime I access the oracle database and bring an active record
object from that database into memory it gives me “ArgumentError (wrong
number of arguments (3 for 2)):” and it lists this line as the problem:
“items = EinsteinItem.all(:conditions => [“rec_key = ?”,


Working on getting my application updated to rails 3.1 and for some
reason the upgrade seems to kill my oracle interface. Right now my
application interacts with it’s primary database which is SQL and a
secondary database that is running an older version of oracle (10.2.04).
My predecessor got the interface working with ruby-oci8 v 1.7 (he
specifically noted version 2 breaks the connection) and
activerecord-oracle-adapter v1.0.0.9250. From what I can tell somewhere
in the upgrade from 3.0.9 to 3.1 it breaks. The only changes to gems I
do is switching from ar-extensions to activerecord-import and I add in
the prototype-rails gem. Any ideas for what’s going on here?