Rails 3.1.0 - Asset pipeline

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I referred to The Asset Pipeline โ€” Ruby on Rails Guides
for rails 3.1.0,

  1. it does say that assets related to the application (ie. need
    preprocessing) can live in the myapp/app/assets directory
  2. it does say that files which need no preprocessing can still live
    in the public/ directory.

I can access files places in the myapp/app/assets directory with no
problems but
how do I access my files in public? For example, public/images/rails-

When I access that path via the webbrowser, I get an error, 'No route
matches [GET] โ€œ/public/images/rails-logo.pngโ€ '.

thank you


Found the answer: provided there is an โ€˜assetsโ€™ subdirectory in the
โ€˜myapp/publicโ€™ directory, it will work and it does work :slight_smile:

Case closed :slight_smile:

Happy new year :slight_smile: