Rails 2.3 SafeBuffer leaked evil all over my yaml

I’ve been googling for a while to find a solution to this, but can’t
seem to.

What’s happening is that after upgrading from rails 2.1 to rails 2.3,
my YAML started getting, for lack of a better word, ‘evil’ due to the
introduction of the SafeBuffer class.

I thought SafeBuffer was related to ERB implementation only but it
seems to have affected the output generated by .to_yaml, causing
clients that want to parse this yaml to choke (not knowing anything
about SafeBuffers). Grepping rails source for SafeBuffer I see nothing
that could affect the yaml class…so it seems the safebuffer

This is what an evil-ized safebuffered yaml looks like (just a piece
of it)


somevalue: !str
str: “yes”
@_rails_html_safe”: false

GOOD (before safebuffers)

somevalue: yes

Any ideas greatly appreciated!