Rails-2.3.8 routing question

I have a controller, customs_shipment_pars_checks_controller, that has
an action :new. I wish to provide a shortcut url to this action tha
bypasses any frontend pages and embedded links.

In my routes.rb file I tried this:

map.resource :parscheck,
:action => ‘new’,
:controller => ‘customs_shipment_pars_checks’

Which, in my ignorance I thought would equal this url:


But it does not. Instead it is the equivalent of:


Which fails with this:

NoMethodError in Customs_shipment_pars_checks#show

Now http://localhost:3000/parscheck/new works.

My question is how does one force a specific action (new) for a given
url using the #resource idiom? What I want to be able to do is to have
someone enter http:/host/parscheck and have them presented with the new
template. Do I have to do this instead?

map.connect ‘parscheck’,
:action => ‘new’,
:controller => ‘customs_shipment_pars_checks’

Look into the routing docs for :member and :collection options.