Rails 2.3.2 - template question

Simplest of template files, tst.rb, contains:

run 'echo ’ + PROJECT_NAME

Running command “rails tst -m ~/Rails_Tools/tst.rb” produces:

  create  app/controllers
  create  log/development.log
  create  log/test.log
applying  template: /Users/rick/RailsTools/tst.rb

Anonymous modules have no name to be referenced by

Then, cd tst and running command “rake rails:template LOCATION=~/
Rails_Tools/tst.rb” produces:

(in /Users/rick/tst)
applying template: /Users/rick/RailsTools/tst.rb
executing echo tst from /Users/rick/tst
applied /Users/rick/RailsTools/tst.rb

Why the different behavior - what changes between rails runtime
environment and rake runtime environment?



I just realized that I’m asking rails to answer a question about an
environment that it’s in the process of creating. That won’t work.

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