Rails 2.2.2 and Interlock plugin

Hi there,

Does anyone use the Interlock plugin and got it to work with Rails
2.2.2. I am currently upgrading our app to Rails 2.2.2 and its been a
pretty nice transition so far until I kept getting the ‘can’t update
frozen hash’ errors when calling update_attributes on a (in this case)
User object. We are using Interlock for caching result from
ActiveRecord. We’re not doing anything particularly fancy.

@user = User.find(params[:id])

The @user object is showing as frozen directly after the find, it
appears that when read from the interlock the object is frozen. The only
way around this I can see is to remove the plugin or use
User.find(params[:id], {}) to skip the cache. Although this problem will
likely re-occur all over the application. The strange thing is I cannot
replicate this in the console, in a controller test or by calling
User.send(:find_by_cache, [1]) directly. It only occurs when called
within my controller so I am quite stumped to be honest.

Does anyone else have or has any one else seen this problem?