Rails 2.1 Bug in Route Globbing

Given the route:
map.connect ‘*url’, :controller => ‘pages’, :method => :any, :action =>
map.connect ‘:controller/:action/:id’
map.connect ‘:controller/:action/:id.:format’

Given the path

Rails will correctly map the request to the pages controller

A path with any more segments (e.g. ) will
will always throw the error, “Only get, head, post, put, and delete
requests are allowed.”

If i remove the path globbing, I will get a correct
“No route matches “/foo/bar” with {:method=>:get}” Error

Updating to Edge Rails DOES solve this problem. I believe, but am not
sure, that this ticket is related to the issue:
The patch in that issue is nearly identical to the 2.1.0 code, and it
would not apply in any case (probably because it’s not revision 9250)

However, I do not want to use Edge Rails in production, and additionally
Edge Rails causes problems elsewhere.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

(I also believe this issue is causing Safari on OSX to crash)

Following the advice here:

seemed to work.

It would seem that in Rails 2.1 route globbing must be the very last
defined route (if it is not namespaced)

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