Rails 2.0 & rspec edge - not protected_against_forgery?

The new forgery protection is throwing of rspec:

NoMethodError in ‘ApplicationHelper login-logout when logged in
should show the name of the current user’
undefined method protect_against_forgery?' for #<#<Class:0x3219118>: 0x34e1f94> /Users/jcf/dev/work/sim/vendor/plugins/rspec_on_rails/lib/spec/rails/ dsl/behaviour/rails_example.rb:41:in method_missing’

I have looked into patching rspec to include the
“protect_against_forgery?” helper, but it’s included dynamically via
a “helper_method :protect_against_forgery?” call in

I have forged the forgery_protection by adding this to my spec_helper.rb

def protect_against_forgery?


Probably not the most elegant solution, but for now it works

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