Rails 1.2: REST admiration, HTTP lovefest, and UTF-8 celebra

Get out your party balloons and funny hats because we’re there, baby.
Yes, sire, Rails 1.2 is finally available in all it’s glory. It took a
little longer than we initially anticipated to get everything lined up
(and even then we had a tiny snag that bumped us straight from 1.2.0 to
1.2.1 before this announcement even had time to be written).

So hopefully it’s been worth the wait. Who am I kidding. Of course it’s
been worth the wait. We got the RESTful flavor with new encouragement
for resource-oriented architectures. We’re taking mime types, HTTP
status codes, and multiple representations of the same resource
serious. And of course there’s the international pizzazz of
multibyte-safe UTF-8 wrangling.

That’s just some of the headliner features. On top of that, there’s an
absolutely staggering amount of polish being dished out. The CHANGELOG
for Action Pack alone contains some two hundred entries. Active Record
has another 170-something on top of that.

All possible due to the amazing work of our wonderful and glorious
community. People from all over the world doing their bit, however big
or small, to increase the diameter of your smile. That’s love, people.


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On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 10:25 +0900, DHH wrote:

serious. And of course there’s the international pizzazz of

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Awesome. Props to you and your crew for this superb framework.

And thanks to all the folks supplying RubyForge with gem mirrors.
RubyForge is averaging one gem download a second at the moment, and we’d
be flattened if not for the folks listed here: