Rail3: UJS submit after client-side validation

I am have some problems with UJS. I have a (potentially) large form
that I was doing client side validation on (yes there is also some
server side validation) using an old prototype validation routine that
is not working with the current version.

I actually got validation to work by coping and modifying some of the
rail.js routine to observer submit. I also had some javascript toggles
that I got to work.

I then found a post on behaviors:


This method worked great for my toggles, but then I tried to create
one for the submit button. While it did the validation, It would
always submit.

I then changed the input type to button and the validation would work,
but I could not get the form to submit.

Debugging all seemed to work (names, classes, etc)

Behaviors.add(“click”, “validate”, function(element) {
var formElements = $$(".required", “.required-one”);
var valid = true;
var thisform = element.form
… validations stuff

but when I got to the end

would fail saying the input element does not have a function submit.
thisform is reported as and htmlformelement.

I know this may be a little off target but I bet I am not the only one
using client-side validation.

If someone can point me in the right direction, I’ll go learn some


On Aug 14, 10:24 am, AppleII717 [email protected] wrote:

would fail saying the input element does not have a function submit.
thisform is reported as and htmlformelement.

This must have been one of those posts where nobody knew what I was
talking about. That just spawns another learning exercise.

My problem was I didn’t understand Javascript as much as I should to
even ask the question. At least I didn’t know about anonymous

I solved my problem when I figured out how those functions work, and
more importantly, what arguments are passed to them.

Just in case anyone wants to know about Unobtrusive Javascript on the
client side, I posted a gist http://gist.github.com/525561 that
outlines my learning experience and how I got it to work.

The sort version is, all that I needed was:

To stop the onsubmit event from propagating. I didn’t know I had
“event” available in my Behaviors.add function.


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