i was hoping someone could reffer me to a place i could learn about the
radrails application/editor/enviornment/… i was looking around for
a good editor/etc for developing my applications, and i somehow stumbled
up upon radrails … at a first look, i am pleasantly shocked to see how
easy developing applications might be, but i was hoping to give it (the
first impression) a even larger kick - - is there any bunch of good
docs/etc to get started on the things i can/can’t do there? i feel like
i’ve just bumped into something really good, and don’t want to use a
mere 5% of what this program might offer. . .
a link, a reference, whatever, works great.

thanks in advance

Do a search for Eclipse docs, as its built on Eclipse.

Dr Nic wrote:

Do a search for Eclipse docs, as its built on Eclipse.

try here:

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