RadRails with SVN: No commit option under team menu?

I’ve created a new svn repository and am attempting to work with the
working copy in rad rails. I read through the help thinking ok just
click team > commit and it will commit…but…

THERE IS NO COMMIT under the team menu !!!

There is only apply patch, show local history and share project. To
access this menu i am right clicking on folders and files in the rails
navigator and navigator views.

From help:
The commit process is initiated via the Team > Commit menu option.

Also from the help:
Editing your working copy
When editing your working copy, you can observe the markings on the
resource (i.e. file, folder, etc.) found in the Navigator view (and
views that are based on the same information, like the Java Development
Tools’ Package Explorer.)

This suggests taht the files would be marked, i picture this as a make
for diff etc. BUt theres nothing.

Does svn in radrails work beyond looking at the repository ???

also i cant connect to my local repository without using the svnserve
command. Is it completly neccessary ?

This works:
svnserve -d --listen-port 3690 -r repository

Then i can use the following URL:

This doesn’t:
My repository: Im able to browse with turtleSVN it was created with svn

Couldn’t open a repository
svn: Unable to open an ra_local session to URL
svn: Unable to open repository ‘file:///C:/svn/core’
Unsupported repository version
svn: Expected format ‘3’ of repository; found format ‘5’

It seems a waste of time to have to set up the server on a local machine
so rad rails can SEE the svn repository.

I had heard there is a compatability problem with svn 1.4 and radRails ?

I needed to go back to 1.3.2 for the svnserve requirement.

And use the team > share wizard to setup svn for my project in radrails.

yeah…a duh moment.