Radrails - similar commands to cmd+t and cmd+shift+t in Text


I have to use RadRails for a job - bleah.

Are there any keys combinations in RadRails that are similar to ‘Go To
File’ or 'Go To Symbol (cmd+t and cmd+shift+t) in Textmate?


CTRL+ALT+N pops up a dialog allowing you to type the part of the
has an autocomplete feature = very handy.

A handy RadRails builtins is CTRL+ALT+T to jump to test unit/functional
for the current. model/controller

there are prob more but I don’t know them! I’d like a combo that could
which method I’m viewing in the controller and allow me to jump to the
view. That feature along is almost enough to get me to use Rails Vim (


try CTRL + SHIFT + R
on mac you use CMD + SHIFT + R

I use that constantly when doing java dev work, and back when I was
test driving rad rails I think it was hooked up in there too.

Thanks, based on your Rails Vim I ended up going with that. I like vi
anyways and the rest of the team can use Cream.