Radrails - Quick (if misplaced?) question


My apologies if this is the wrong place for this but…it should be
really simple.

When I use a Generator in Radrails, nothing happens. I (believe) I have
properly set the path to Ruby and still nothing. And, it doesn’t seem
there is an error log to further diagnose what is happening.

I am using 0.5.3 on Windows. Am I missing something obvious?

As a P.S., is anyone particularly fond of any other Rails development
environments? If so, what are the benefits or disadvantages relative to




Yeah, I’ve had that problem… and I always figured out that I was doing
something wrong:
the db connection wasn’t working, I didn’t have the names right, etc.
Now, it would be
nice if RadRails would tell you what’s wrong, but… I think they’re
working on that.

In the meantime, you might try calling the generator script in a console
and see what
happens. Make sure your db stuff is right too…



I’ve had this issue as well (not too often though). I found that if I
clicked on the project name
in the rails file/folder view and then retried the generator, I found it
worked. Kind of weird, magical even :slight_smile: , but weird seems to be my
lately. Anyway, this is just my two cents.



What error are you getting? I had what sounded like the same problem.
was happening was when I created a Rails project in RadRails the "rails
was not being called or was broken.

Dropping to a command prompt and running Rails and then
RadRails to do the generation is working fine.

Hope this helps

-Rob B.