RadRails 0.6 is out

Bonjour à tous

RadRails est sorti en version 0.6, je pense que ça peut en intéresser

Pour rappel RadRails est un IDE dédié à RubyOnRails qui s’appuie sur la
plateforme Eclipse.


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From: Kyle S. [email protected]
Date: Mar 16, 2006 7:07 AM
Subject: [RadRails] RadRails 0.6 is out
To: General RadRails talk [email protected]

Finally, RadRails 0.6 is out! This release includes a lot of
refactoring and quality improvements under the covers as well as some
nifty new features. The details can be found in the changelog.

One of the biggest improvements in my opinion is in the RHTML editor.
We found the root problem that was causing bad coloring and
incompatibility with Eclipse 3.2. It’s finally stable. As a result of
the RHTML fix we are now Eclipse 3.2 compatible and are even using 3.2
m5a as the base to the Mac Intel build. RadRails starts up in 3-4
seconds on my MacBook Pro if you were wondering :slight_smile:

Ctrl+Shift+V will be your new best friend during Controller and View
development. This is the first version so it’s extremely simple and
straightforward. Simply hit the keybind inside of a Controller action
and it will take you to the corresponding view. Once in the view hit
the keybind again to toggle back to where you were in the Controller.
If the view doesn’t exist a prompt will ask to create if for you and
open the new file. Try it out; it’s fun. It’s definitely been saving
me quite a bit of time switching between, creating or open view files.

We now finally have integrated testing support. RDT has Test::Unit and
you could have used that to run individual tests but there was no easy
way to run through all your unit or functional tests and see the
output (is the bar green?). 0.6 has added 3 buttons to the toolbar
that will run through your functional tests, unit tests or all tests.
The results are captured in the Test::Unit view which is behind the
Rails Navigator. It will report test by test failures, successes and
traces for error. Keep the bar green to keep that code clean.

So there you have it, 0.6. A lot went into this release so please
check out the changelog and better yet the closed tickets to see
exactly what went down. Matt implemented some major changes in the way
we deal with Ruby runtime. For instance, now if you define the Ruby
interpreter in RDT’s preferences it will get used over the default
ruby we look for on the path. We also offer a way to specify your
Rails installation location as well, etc. This will be our final
release before EclipseCon and I’m glad we were able to accomplish a
major release. Enjoy!

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Thibaut Barrère

sur le site il est même question de la 0.6.1


Thibaut Barrère a écrit :

trems :

sur le site il est même question de la 0.6.1

RadRails a gagné le “Eclipse Best Developer Tool Award” 2006.
Pour ceux qui connaissent d’autres outils sous Eclipse
et peuvent comparer : c’est mérité ?


-- Jean-François.

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