Radio Button Persist

Does anyone know how to persist the value of a radio button based on a
true/false column in the db.

In other words, I have a model with a field called mine (tinyint). My
radio button s are as follows:

<%= f.radio_button :mine, “1”%> Mine
<%= f.radio_button :mine, “0”, :checked => ‘checked’ %> Friend’s

If there’s an error with the form, the checked attribute takes over, and
the Mine radio button isn’t checked.

Thanks in advance.

Guest wrote:

the Mine radio button isn’t checked.
A MySQL column must be tinyint(1) for Rails to treat it as a Ruby
So you want:

mine tinyint(1) not null default 0,

@model =[:model])

<%= f.radio_button :mine, true %> Mine
<%= f.radio_button :mine, false %> Friend’s

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