Radio button issue

Dear all,

I have used radio button for enable/disable option. While clicking the
radio button i have submitted a form. I was able to submit the form
successfully but i have a issue like,

My code,

<%= radio_button :userinfo, :block_user_Image,0,:onclick=>’$(
“enable_disable-#{}” ).submit ();’, :checked=>‘checked’ %>


<%= radio_button :userinfo, :block_user_Image, 1, :onclick=>’$( "
enable_disable-#{} " ).submit ();’ %>


Actually in onclick function i need user id’d to sumbit the form but i
was not able to reterive the userid inside onclick.

Could any one please suggest on above issue. I need id’s like,
:onclick=>’$( " enable_disable-1} " ).submit ();’
:onclick=>’$( " enable_disable-2} " ).submit ();’
:onclick=>’$( " enable_disable-3} " ).submit ();’
:onclick=>’$( " enable_disable-5} " ).submit ();’

Thanks in advance,

Jose Martin