Radiant with HAML & Compass?

Hey there,

I already read a bunch of tutorials on Ruby & Rails and after some
messing with Typo that doesn’t always render my pages with the
stylesheets and got some routing issues, though running “typo
sweep_cache”, I started using Radiant. I’d like to make use of Compass
(w/ plugins) and HAML for the design, but even after some trying I
didn’t find out how to do this. I migrated the production database with
the database template coffee-styled blog, so I can figure out how to
create my files, but found out that this only creates Pages, Snippets
and Layouts in the MySQL Database. Can’t I work with *.html.haml files?
I already tried changing the Layouts to HAML style, but this just
renders plaintext. Secondly I’m still searching for the stylesheets, I
can’t find them inside public/stylesheets/.
The Radiant documentation says that Radiant got its own version of SASS
integrated, what is about HAML and Compass Plugins? I’d love to make use
of Susy.

Besides Radiant I still got a question on using Compass. What command do
I need to run to make use of Susy, Fancy-Buttons and Compass-Colors? All
of them require me to install itself as the Framework (compass -f susy
-r susy app/), but it’s not possible using more than one framework. I
know I could include all of the partials from github on my own, but
there has to be another way as this won’t work with RubyGems update

Thanks for your help in advance.