Radiant w/ Multiple Sites: How does it actually work?

I want to use Radiant to host multiple sites. I’ve read the article on
how to configure the directory structure, etc. My question pertains to
how it actually works.

I looked at the database, and I don’t see anything that designates which
site pages or their snippets belong to. If I have mysite1.com
and mysite2.com both residing under the same installation,
does radiant know which page in the database is the default page for
mysite1.com and which page is the default page for
mysite2.com ?

I didn’t see anything in that article that even referred to database
configuration modifications. So any help you can provide to a rails
newbie is appreciated.



The way the virtual domain extension works is to read the hostname from
the incoming request, then use that to decide which immediate child of
the root page should be accessed. The root page of the Radiant
installation is given a “Virtual Page” type and a “config” part (tab)
that contains the configuration.


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